Sales-Inventory-Accounts MadeEasy

Three-in-One tool designed to help you manage your business with ease.

Excellent Sales input options.

Three powerful inter-dependent inventory components.

  • Storage Inventory (Warehouse Inventory): Used to manage  inventory of all raw materials  and finished products moving in and out of the warehouse.
  • Production Inventory: Used to manage inventory of raw materials for production as well as finished products in the production unit.
  • Shop Inventory: Used to manage inventory of products moving in and out of the shop unit.

Manages Product Batches Effectively.

Product Batches are efficiently managed in the following ways;

  • System automatically assigns batch numbers to product batches.
  • Expiry dates are monitored and reported.
  • In multiuser environment , Batches are assigned with individual user specific number . This helps every user to manage his own products and also enables management to know who is responsible for which batch.


Excellent for School Accounts Management.

Processes components for school accounts management. All school income heads such as Tuition fees, Medical fees etc. are handled with ease. Manages Students pocket money.  School fees history report, student’s pocket money statements and many more.

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